Why You Need an Alarm for Your Farm

Secure your farm with an alarm system so you won't have to worry

  • A power outage could cost you $30,000. Smart Barn wireless temperature sensors make sure that your poultry house or hog barn is safe, comfortable and secure. Power outages can cost poultry and hog farmers up to $30,000, and Smart Barn will alert you if your power is out, your generator is running, and the temperature is safe.

  • A broken fan could cost you $10,000. Ventilation failures on a hog, poultry or dairy farm cost thousands of dollars when animals die of heat stress. Smart Barn tracks the temperature, and and sends you an alarm if there's a problem. Plus, it's easy to check in on your barn any time you'd like using our easy to use smartphone app.

  • Generators fail. Generators protect your poultry house or your hog barn from power outages, but Smart Barn generator sensors catch dozens of cases of tests not being run, and generators not operating correctly before there's a problem. You can track your generator status and receive alerts if it fails to operate; Smart Barn's permanent data record logs the equipment status, ensures that your backup systems are tested regularly, and operating correctly. Don't find out your generator is broken when the power goes out.

  • You can secure your farm. Smart Barn is an all-in-one system, it's not just a barn alarm. Our wireless driveway alarms can alert you if someone is trespassing on your property while you're away. You can protect your farm from the weather and from outside intruders.