How to use the Smart Barn App

Open the app and use your username and password that you use to access the website

The first page will list all Networks the Customer has. By selecting their network, they can see the individual sensors in the network. You will see all your networks should you have more than one and can select each one to view.

Once you select a network you will be taken to a screen to see your sensors listed and see the last reported check-in.

By Selecting the ‘Menu Button’ in the upper left corner of the previous screen a customer can be taken to this screen to select individual notifications to turn off. Or they can select networks and be taken to the previous screen. They can also logout of the app here.

Here you can turn on or off individual notifications with in a network.

When you turn off a notification it will show up on the home page icon that ‘2’ notifications are off as you will see in the next pic.

Informing customers that 2 individual notifications are turned off for a network. As shown from the previous screen.