For a downloadable Quick Start Guide, please click here. 

Do I have to have internet access to run Smart Barn?

No, Smart Barn is cellular connected and doesn’t require a landline or internet connection.

Does the base station collecting data from the sensors use my internet data?

No, Smart Barn is standalone, with no overage charges

Where can I purchase Smart Barn?

Through our website or over the phone, give us a call today!

What kind of smart phone do I need to have to use the app?

The Smart Barn app is available for Apple iPhone and Android phones.

How do I install Smart Barn?

You can easily install Smart Barn yourself, or we can arrange for installation for a fee. For a downloadable Quick Start Guide, please click here. 

What tools are required to install?

A power drill and screwdriver.

How long does it take to install?

Depending on how many sensors you’re installing, Smart Barn only takes a few hours to setup.

What happens if the power goes out?

Smart Barn has a battery backup that will last up to 12 hours.

How do I monitor the data I receive from the sensors?

Through the smartphone app or through the Smart Barn website. 

Do I get alerted if there is an issue with a sensor?

Yes, Smart Barn continuously monitors the status of all the sensors and will alert you if there’s a problem.

How do I set up a system to get alerts?

Smart Barn alerts are easily programmed from the Smart Barn website.

How many sensors can I get?

Up to 100 per base station, expandable to 10,000 sensors with the range/network extender.

Do I have to pay a monthly fee for each sensor I have?

No, Smart Barn charges a flat monthly fee for each base station, you can have as many sensors installed as you would like for that price.

What is the warranty on sensors?

We warranty our sensors for 1 year.

Are your sensors waterproof?

All of the enclosures are heavy duty and sealed except for the Humidity sensor. This is the only sensor that must be protected from the elements.

I am not sure what sensors my farm would needs, can I get more information?

Please contact us at 937-697-1890, or and we will help you figure out exactly what you need.

How do I setup the app from my smartphone?

Download the iPhone app here: Smart Barn Mobile

Download the Android app here: Smart Barn – Android Apps on Google Play

What sensors are available?

Temperature, humidity, power outage, power usage, feed system status, airflow, ventilation system failure, water pressure, water leak, curtain up or down and door open/close. These are all the sensors we are currently using.

Are custom sensors available?

We are always developing custom sensors for our customers. Call us today if you’ve got a unique project that could use a new type of sensor.