What are your options for a farm alarm or barn alarm system?

An alarm system for your farm is essential for keeping livestock safe and making sure your farm secure.

There are lots of options out there, and obviously I’m partial to Smart Barn, but we want you to be educated about your choices. Here’s, a quick review of the basic kinds of systems available to you.

The completely wired alarm dialer that uses a phone line:

The old standby is the alarm phone dialer, the Sensaphone 400 is a very common type that a lot of folks use in farming. There’s also the AgriAlert 800ez which is also pretty basic, you set them up using a keypad to program in the phone numbers it will dial. Both are reasonably reliable and cheap as far as farm alarm systems go. The Sensaphone is not  completely sealed up in an enclosure, so they can be susceptible to moisture damage or corrosion. The FreezeAlarm FA700E dialer is another option, as well as the Farm Alarm, though I haven’t used those like I’ve used the Sensaphone and AgriAlert.

An internet connected farm alarm system:

There are quite a few more options for you on the web connected side, though your mileage may vary. Sensaphone also has options in this space, with the Web 600. There are also numerous systems from SimpliSafe, Iris, and SmartThings, and Google Nest. Here’s where Smart Barn really shines, if you’re planning on a web-connected system Smart Barn gives you the most bang for your buck by a long shot.

Cellular-connected farm alarm system:

Smart Barn is definitely the best option here too, but I’ll admit there are also alternatives. Sensaphone has the Cell 1400 which is a cell connected dialer. You’ve also got the Digi SmartSense, which used to be several brands like Temp@lert, but is now consolidated into one brand now.


Wired versus wireless:

Many of the farm alarm systems are still hard-wired to their sensors. This means you have to run wires to every point you want to monitor, and usually introduces a lot of maintenance and cost. If you've got more than one building to monitor, then the amount of cable and conduit you'll have to run becomes pricey very quickly. Smart Barn eliminates the wires and is much easier to setup because we use long-range wireless sensors powered by AA batteries that last for years without replacement.


Those are just a few of your options for a farm alarm system, we’ll add more to this list so you’ve got a nice resource and comparison point. And of course, if you want to talk to a friendly person who can help you navigate your technology options, please, give us a call and we’ll help you sort through the options. You can call or text us at 937-697-1890, or email us at contact@smartbarn.io