Monitoring Temperature Remotely on Your Dairy Farm

Dairy cows are most productive when they're comfortable, and they're most comfortable in an environment between 40 and 65 degrees. While their thick skin and natural insulation helps them stay warm in cooler temperatures, it also makes them more prone to heat stress in warm weather. Heat stress can lead to decreased feed intake, weight loss, poor breeding efficiency, lower milk production or even death. If you want your herd to stay healthy and productive, it’s critical to be aware of the temperature level in your barn. With Smart Barn's temperature sensors you can be alerted via text, email, phone or the Smart Barn app itself if your barn temperature exceeds the specified range, so you don’t need to stay in your barn around the clock.

Critical to dairy farming is keeping the milk cool enough for extended periods of time. In order to comply with PMO standards, your cows’ milk needs to stay below 45° any time after the start of the first milking. Smart Barn's temperature sensor can help you stay on top of the temperature in your bulk tanks so you won’t lose hundreds of pounds of good milk!

Monitoring temperature is a crucial element to running a successful dairy farm. Smart Barn makes it easier than ever!