Monitoring Temperature Remotely at Your Hog Barn

We have all seen the stories in the news- chickenscows, horsespigs and other farm animals lost because of severe weather. This costs farmers tens of thousands of dollars, taking months or years to recuperate the costs. Whether your farm is in a chilly winter in Ohio or a blistering hot summer in Georgia, Smart Barn wireless sensors allow you to monitor your farm’s temperature, so that you have the comfort in knowing your investment is safe 24/7.

Pigs tend to be the most comfortable in temperatures ranging from 64 - 68 °F (18-20 °C). Depending on your farm set up, the flooring, and the size of your hogs, you’ll want to set your temperature parameters accordingly. Smart Barn makes it simple for you, with our wireless temperature sensors, and remote monitoring capability. When you setup an account with Smart Barn, you’ll be able to track the temperatures in your barn 24/7, ensuring the best growing environment and and the least amount of stress on your hogs.  If the temperature goes above or below the set parameters, you will be notified via text, phone or email until you have resolved the issue, and the temperatures are back to normal. The Smart Barn app lets you conveniently check on your animals while you’re away, and you can also log into your Smart Barn account and dashboard from any web browser. Contact us today, and let us help you keep your barn cool and your hogs growing!

Smart Barn offers a comprehensive line of wireless sensors, so you can remotely monitor temperature, power, water usage, equipment failures, and more. Contact us today to see how a remote monitoring solution from Smart Barn can help you today!