• A power outage could cost you $30,000. Smart Barn temperature sensors make sure that your flock or herd is safe, comfortable and secure. Power outages can cost  livestock farmers up to $30,000, and Smart Barn will alert you if your power is out, your generator is running, and the temperature is safe.

  • A broken compressor on your bulk tank could cost you $10,000. Refrigeration failures on a dairy farm cost thousands of dollars. Smart Barn tracks the temperature and sends alarms if conditions are out of tolerance.

  • Don't risk of losing tens of thousands in your commercial refrigerators and coolers. If an inspector finds a cooler out of tolerance, the entire stock of produce, meat, eggs, or dairy products will be rejected and destroyed, costing tens of thousands in lost product. Use Smart Barn temperature and humidity sensors to continuously monitor your facility.

  • Generators fail. Generators protect your farm, but Smart Barn has caught dozens of cases of tests not being run, and generators not operating correctly during power outages. Track your generator status and receive alerts if it fails to operate; Smart Barn's permanent data record logs the equipment status, ensures that your backup systems are tested regularly, and operating correctly.

Smart Barn tracks and records, sends alerts, and can be purchased with a battery backup. We sell units for indoor or outdoor use, and our rugged, weatherproof wireless sensors can be installed anywhere you need to monitor. You can start monitoring today for as little as $404, with an affordable $19.99 per-month monitoring fee.

iPhone, iPad, Android App

All your data in the palm of your hand. Monitor barns, place feed orders, track deliveries, record keeping - all from your smartphone, tablet, or web browser.


Wireless Sensors

Wireless sensors protect your animals, let you monitor your farm, and automatically collect information.


Cellular Connectivity

Receive alerts and alarms, collect data, and monitor your farm no matter where it's located. Verizon Wireless is Smart Barn's partner, providing you with reliability you can trust.


  • No broadband internet or landline required
  • Smart Barn connects you to your farm, don't miss a football game to check the animals, you'll know what's going on 24/7.
  • Instant access to your data so you can focus on solving problems instead of digging for information.
  • Monitor the temperature in your barn, receive alerts if there’s a water leak, know if your feed mill is running – all from your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Receive alerts if there’s a problem – prevent catastrophic livestock losses from power outages or high temperatures.
  • Monitor your dairy bulk tank temperature using a wireless temperature sensor, never throw away hundreds of pounds of milk again!
  • Check on your grain bin from your iPhone and Android devices, or any web browser.
  • Keep track of your data 24/7, our cloud-based server maintains a permanent record of your farm.




Feed Outage

Relative humidity

Power usage

Dry contact

Analog voltage

Door alarm

Motion sensor

Water pressure


Wireless sensors

Cellular connectivity

Easy-to-use app

Permanent data record

Online access

Automatic data recording

Customizable alerts

Receive Alerts via text, e-mail or phone

Unlimited user accounts

Create reports from data collected

Affordable monthly service