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You'll always feel safe and secure with Smart Barn's wireless farming system! Get alerts straight to your phone or email. Monitor your farm from anywhere on our easy to use mobile app. You'll never have to worry if your farm is being compromised by extreme temperatures, or unwelcome guests. It's easy to install and easy to use! Fill out the form below for more info!

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I would and am recommending this to all of my facility owners. This system is a great addition to any facility whether new construction or existing structures. Lastly, I appreciate how quickly your support staff replies when I have any questions. Thanks for offering a great product at a great price!

— Matt S., Indiana



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  • 0-500 volts
  • Monitors both legs of power
  • Alerts you if there's a power outage

Temperature sensor

  • Monitors temperatures
  • Permanent temperature log
  • Alerts you for high / low temperature

Dry contact sensor

  • Connects to any equipment or alarm
  • Connects to water pressure sensor
  • Alerts you if there's a water leak

Water pulse Sensor

  • Records gallons of water used
  • Permanent data log
  • Alerts if water usage is too high

Generator sensor

  • Sends alert if generator is running
  • Keeps a log of generator tests
  • Ensure generator operation

Door open /closed Sensor

  • Keep your farm secure
  • Magnetic contacts for any door
  • Alerts you if someone enters a door

easy to install

Wireless Sensors

Free Mobile App, works on any phone or tablet

protects your farm 24/7

sends Alerts if there's a  problem

friendly and professional

Customer Support

Unlimited Users with

no extra fee

runs on aa batteries

years of battery life

Affordable alarm system

for your farm

Automatic Data Recording for permanent record keeping

Cellular Connectivity reaches your farm wherever you are